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Oliver Feiler

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Nov 7th, 2017





English, German

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Chili Charger is a connection puzzle game that looks so easy to solve until you reach the more complex mechanics. Players need to connect various sources to target tiles, Chuck's chilies, to solve the puzzle. The levels increase in difficulty as more mechanics are added and combined within the levels. Mixed into the puzzles is a short story about Chuck, who dreams about creating honest games and ultimately rediscovers the joy in his life in a rather different way.

It's a relaxing game with no time-limits, but with an optional challenge mode to solve levels with the least possible moves. Which should be rather “hardcore” during the later levels. But that's why it is called a challenge!


  • 144 challenging levels
  • A tongue-in-cheek story about creating honest games in today's world
  • Mechanics: multiple resources, crossing connections, resources that need to be powered first and a “fog of war” type of mechanic
  • Monetization: in-app purchase to unlock full version / no ads / no microtransactions (or rather macrotransactions)

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Icons and graphics




Game, levels and art design

Oliver Feiler

Engine programming

René Puls

Title and Credits Artwork

Toraz the Nomad


Joel Hunger (via audiojungle)

Sound effects

Wooden hit short soft by jorickhoofd (, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Electric Zap by JoelAudio (, CC0

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